New Opportunities and Transformation ... a Necessity

One of the things I love most about my business, Your Time Matters, is the people I meet, and the stories I hear, often simply by chance.  I believe we can learn so much from the experience and knowledge of others and our lives are enriched and our eyes opened as we connect and engage with others, who have faced challenges and found solutions.

Recently, we held a YTM Progressive Dinner.  This event provided business owners and professionals present with an opportunity to meet and hear from Jane Seymour, from Mount Zero Olives. 

 Here is some of Jane’s story  along with a 6 minute video of her talk. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

 Jane Seymour and her husband Neil established Mount Zero Olives in 1993 when following an unexpected redundancy, Neil was looking for a new venture and fell in love with a derelict olive grove in the foothills of Mt Zero, adjacent to the Grampians National Park.

Jane’s first glimpse of the property was on a scorching hot, dusty day in January. The soil, baked hard in the sun, with scores of shriveled, stunted olive trees that had been neglected for decades made Jane’s heart sink. How could they ever transform this overgrown mess into a business venture that could support them both and fulfil Neil’s dream and restore his confidence?

Fast forward 25 years on and Mount Zero Olives is now an iconic brand, distributed nationally and to some of our Asian neighbors. In recognition of their contribution to the industry, Jane and Neil have been inducted into the Melbourne Food and Wine Hall of Fame and won numerous awards for their biodynamic olive oil. They have diversified and now harvest Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt, formed partnerships with local farmers, encouraging them to grow biodynamic pulses and grains which are distributed under the Mount Zero brand, and now offer a range of value added products including falafel mix and spicy red lentils. Jane’s latest venture is the Girl and the Olive organic skincare products.

Jane’s journey has been full of challenges, finding new opportunities through necessity and eventually achieving success. It is a story of triumph over adversity. Of leaving a comfortable home in the city, a secure well-paid job and the closeness of family and friends and setting up home in a tin shed, with an outside dunny and a makeshift shower rigged up in rusty old tank. Of being hours away from the city and everything it has to offer and having to start from scratch, in an isolated, rugged environment. Of having to learn how to nurse the olive trees back to good health through long hours of backbreaking work. Of persevering through sweltering long summers and facing fire and drought. Of coming to respect and embrace the principles of biodynamic farming and learning to love the rugged beauty of the land in all its seasons. Of learning how to live sustainably and forging new relationships, including those with local indigenous people. Of forging a new path as a woman on the land with courage, bloody minded determination and resilience.


If you would like to hear more stories and engage with inspiring and likeminded others, consider attending our events in 2018.  You are sure to have some great conversations, make new connections and gain from the insightful speakers at each event . Events adn open to Members and  Non Members - learn more HERE

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