Reap Rewards by Giving Without Expectation

Do you get to hear stories of how you have helped others without even knowing it?    I find it really satisfying when  I can help  businesses find the solutions they need, but often I may not even know about it.

This story has put a smile on my face today and is testament to why I do what I do, and how one of my close network has also reached out willingly to help someone in need for no apparent monetary reward, which will reap rewards in the future, no doubt.

If you attend YTM events, you will hear  me constantly say- Networking is about creating relationships, sharing knowledge and experience which  ultimately this will reward you. 

Thanks Izzy Watts  for sharing this story  with me. I  am not surprised that you received the help you needed from Minuteman Press Prahran.  I have known them for many years and am also delighted that they are a YTM Supporting Sponsor this year.    

Here's what Izzy shared with me today...

“Recently, I was working on a large print job for a client of mine.  The deadline was tight and there were multiple changes to the brief. Unfortunately the final product was delivered to my client but not as the final brief had detailed.

I was trying to come to a solution with the supplier which would mean neither business lost out any money and ensured my client got what they had requested, but I was finding it very difficult to do so.  I felt really frustrated and concerned about the whole situation.

Then I remembered I had met a very friendly print supplier at YTM the week before and decided to give them a call and ask for some advice. The response I got from the team was overwhelming. Having met at face to face at YTM,   we had started to establish a relationship and I felt comfortable reaching out. Immediately I knew I had made the right move and I felt  more relaxed and comfortable as I talked through the issue and explained the situation. They were very diplomatic with their response. I was given a lot of time both via emails and over the phone to assist me in negotiating the best solution to my problem.

Izzy Watts, Production Manager, Visual Culture 

Izzy Watts, Production Manager, Visual Culture 

We have now managed to come to a conclusion and compromise on this matter, which is a big sigh of relief,  and it is really thanks to the teams’ expertise and kindness.

This new connection had no immediate monetary benefit from helping me out, it was free advice given by a professional who values the industry and their customer needs. This supplier will undoubtedly be my first contact for any future jobs we have because it was such a pleasure working with someone so knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy and it was all thanks to the introduction made at YTM.”- Izzy Watts, Production Manager, Visual Culture

Thank you Nick and Viv Kane for your professional approach in helping one of the YTM community.

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