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Connect With Confidence - Bonus Insight: "Turn Your Conversations Into Business

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Let’s face it, many of us avoid networking situations because we feel awkward and don’t know how to get the conversation started.  Or, when you do take the plunge and attend, sometimes you walk away feeling like it was a waste of time. 

However, Business owners and professional NEED  to network to understand why clients choose them and how to seek out opportunities for collaborations, joint ventures, generate leads, and form relationships with suppliers, referrers, clients and friends. The key is better conversations. 


At YTM we offer a structured, yet fun format. When you register we want to know who you need in your network. We know you are investing precious time with us. So we connect with you with the most appropriate people in the room. We facilitate the introductions and provide you with insightful questions to deepen your conversations and connection.  You will learn how to engage in meaningful conversations that build your network, foster new connections and explore opportunities that can grow your business.

PART ONE: “Turn Your Conversations Into Business”

Our speaker will share tips and tools to enable you to not only form better business relationships but also open the door to new opportunities, future collaboration and lead generation. 

Take away-

  • strategies to boost your confidence as you become more proficient in asking better questions and developing a conversation that will expand your opportunities

  • new understanding of how to create networking opportunities

  • strategies to make your networking experience more comfortable in new situations helping you feel more in control,  personally and professionally and  motivated to step out of your comfort zone knowing you are   better equipped 

“Your networking conversations need to be  about connecting, engaging, building relationships and seeking and creating opportunities to grow yourself and your business and … Not selling!”

Our speaker- Kerryn Powell is dedicated to helping individuals, business owners, and corporations develop the networking skills and business knowledge they need to accelerate their growth and achieve their goals, making businesses bigger and better.

Kerryn founded YTM business events in 2013 and over the past 5 years had helped hundreds of men and women get more out of their networking experience and even enjoy themselves by having real, authentic and deeper conversations!


Practice the skills of how to have better business conversations . 

Take conversations from "awkward" to "awesome".in a warm, safe and friendly environment focussed on relationships not statistics. You will get maximum mileage out of your conversations and increase your knowledge, connections and opportunities, all in one monthly event without pressure. 

Non Members are always welcomed, but if this sounds like something that would really benfit your business, membership with many added benefits is available. Check them out HERE

"What's included?"

  • There is always one complimentary drink and a delicious shared cheese platter, or a variety of dips, or similar. You are able to purchase extra drinks at bar prices, this keeps the ticket price down.

  • The valuable insight.

  • The strategic matching for conversations to meet your needs or with people who share similar customers and may have connections for you or opportunity to collaborate.

    What some of our past participants say:

    Wonderful. Met relevant business contacts. Following up with at least three. I have attended networking groups for years, yours was the first group to give real contacts and with you knowing and making introductions was great”. F. Pappa

    " I have made some amazing connections, not only for people who have booked me in for my organising services, but also for meeting some fantastic and professional people to affiliate my business with, and have even made some good friends. Highly recommend!" Sue Glasser - Paperclip Professional Organisers

    Fantastic night. Great bunch of people, and a bit of fun too” Stephen Read, Stephen Read Landscape Design

    “I met open-minded people who came to the functions with the same view, to meet other like-minded people and develop a solid business relationship.” - Ronen Atzmon, Atzmon & co, Solicitors

You can choose to pay direct by calling 0414 856 616 ….or use Eventbrite. Look forward to meeting you soon.