"What’s in it for ME? " 

  • You will be introduced and “matched” with appropriate people for conversations, no more having to walk into a room of strangers and find relevant connections.  

  • You will enjoy belonging to a community of like minded business owners and professionals who value personal and professional development opportunities and be able to seek opportunities and leads.

  • You will benefit from our formats  that will help boost your confidence and knowledge to help you grow a bigger and better business.

  • You know that no one achieves anything alone and there are others who want  to help you. 

"Who attends YTM Business Networking events?"

Our events attract men and women, business owners and professionals,  who either work for a SME or have left corporate and started their own business.  Their backgrounds are diverse and generally they provide B2B professional services and are keen to seek suppliers, referrers, clients and friends as they grow their own business.

 "Do I have to be a Member to attend events?" 

Non- Members are always welcome, however there are many extra benefits in committing to an annual Membership, or pre- purchasing a block of events. 

"What's different about  YTM events ?"

Firstly, when you register, we ask you who you would like to connect with and we do everything in our power to make that happen.  We look at who is in the room, what connections they may have and who is best suited to help you grow. 

Secondly, YTM events have definite structure which have proven to be very effective.  The varied formats  keep networking interesting and  give the participants opportunity to have conversations prompted by  insights and activities.  You will have more conversations than at traditional networking events. 

Thirdly, there  is no pressure to supply referrals,  or restriction on single category as we believe people do business with those they know, like and trust once  relationships have been forged.  Every person has their own USP!

 "How many people attend?"

Generally we attract 20 to 35 people, which is ideal to have meaningful conversations and really get to know who is in the room. It makes networking more comfortable, rather than walking into a sea of unknown faces.

"How will I choose which event to attend?" 

We aim to provide value through all our formats. 

Some people enjoy the mastermind style structure of Learn Grow Achieve with emphasis on the insight, others like the conversation card activities in Networking with a Twist...everyone loves our Progressive Dinners.   

All events include some educational insight, adn no selling from stage is allowed.  You get full value form the speakers who willingly share their expertise.

Our Members utilise the entire program, knowing that  regular attendence at the same event is important to establish sustainable relationships.


"Is it easy to park?"

Our Brighton event offers street parking and is 5 minutes walk from  North Brighton Station.   

"Why wouldn't I attend a YTM event?" 

 If you can add value to others, there is no reason at all!

 If you have any other questions give us a call  today 0414 856 616