Ayesha Fathers - Community Services Development Professional

On behalf of the Eastern Sector Development Team and the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Alliance, I would like to thank Kerryn Powell for being such a passionate keynote speaker at our 25 July 2018 EMR Alliance Convention. This event was attended by 104 leaders across the region’s funded community aged care service providers and was themed ‘Communication – The Human Connection’. Kerryn’s collaborative approach in designing a presentation to meet our needs was both flexible and professional. She was generous with her time and supportive of our event, taking a large step out of her comfort zone by working with us to test new live audience feedback software during her own presentation, in preparation for a later presentation. Attendee feedback was very positive, with 90% stating that Kerryn’s keynote left them not only understanding why personal and professional networks matter more than ever in this changing environment but also with an understanding on how to influence more, collaborate better, drive impact and future proof through collaboration. We wish Kerryn all the very best and hope to work with her again in the future

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Angelo Papalexiou - Principal of AP Taxation Services

As an accountant, you are the the first point of call and the trusted advisor. You therefore need to be able to point your clients in the right direction when they have a need. Kerryn has been paramount with this. She constantly assists in connecting me with the right people and has ensured that the web of professionals I refer to within my practice are the right fit for my business and my clients. Keep up the great work Kerryn and thank you immensely for helping me and AP Taxation prosper!!! 

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Lauren Ayers - GLAS

Kerryn's events are exceptional. I've been to a number of networking events over the years and why I like YTM is because you really do get to meet and connect with other people and build relationships, which I love. Its not at all transactional and you can meet a group of people who are all looking to grow their business and themselves, and the potential to create referral is excellent. The formats vary each even between a number of different styles meaning the personal learning is there as well. Looking forward to more and more in the future. Thanks Kerryn and Leigh for an amazing offering.

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Karen Hollenbach- Think Bespoke

Kerryn's ability to connect people is invaluable. Her genuine interest in helping her business community achieve success comes to life at her YTM events, which are one of my favourite networking forums in Melbourne. Whether you are new to business networking and need some mentoring in this area, want to improve the communication between departments in your organisation or want to attend professional networking events with a difference, Kerryn's the expert to speak to!

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Frances Pratt - KISS to Sell
fran pratt.jpg
  • The vibe in the room was great in all 3 sections (pre / speech / post)
    The people were lovely and very approachable and open to learning about the other person (as set up by you!)
  • It is efficient and effective networking … networking that works!  I think it is an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and so put their ‘best foot forward’
Kerryn Powell
Warren Howard, HowardCo Business and HR Solutions

“Great event Kerryn! Let me add my congratulations to you. Your attention to detail as usual was obvious everywhere and made our job as presenters and exhibitors easy. There was a real positive vibe in the air in the exhibition space which made for easy introductions and friendly conversations. I had a number of productive discussions with visitors and am looking forward to following those up this week.” 

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Sue Hayter, Trusted Mortgage Broker

“I engaged Kerryn to speak to the mortgage brokers I mentor to help them understand the importance of relationships and how to go about building a strong network. She is a generous and warm facilitator who provided a wealth of knowledge and engaged the group in a beneficial and fun networking session. The feedback from the group was very positive and I would highly recommend Kerryn as a presenter”.

Meirav Dulberg
Angela Stubbs, Team Leader- Industry development,Kingston Council

"Traditional networking guidelines make ‘networking’ look fairly transactional. However, Kerryn Powell makes networking more effective by arranging professional meeting “Your Time Matters” events, where participants get to know people before needing help with something or selling products and services.
Kerryn demonstrates how to make networking a regular part of your life. She has the knowledge and experience to help business people find a way to grow and maintain a useful network and she break it down into easy-to-follow steps".

Meirav Dulberg
Ronen Atzmon - Atzmon & Co Solicitors.

I joined YTM networking three years ago with the view to meet liked minded business people, connect and network and by so doing grow my business.   Like any networking activity, it takes time and effort before you can see results.  Well, time and effort paid off as I have made numerous connections through the YTM networking events, established solid relationships and received a number of quality referrals which  translated to close business and further assist in the development and maintenance of the relationship.  YTM events have my full endorsement.

Kerryn Powell
Jacqui Hine, No Grey creative

"I recently attended an event run by Kerryn as part of the Small Business Festival (VIC). Great venue in Prahran, well organised and at a convenient time. I'm pleased to say I made a great connection on the night and have generated business as a result. I'd highly recommend a YTM event!"

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