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The Ripple effect of Networking

Hello, my name is Kerryn Powell. If we are yet to meet, I am so glad you found me and am reading this piece I’ve written to help you better understand the ripple effect of networking. I’m feeling quite sentimental as I write because a major milestone has just happened in my family. My first grandson has recently joined us and our hearts are filled with love for  this new little person who has entered our lives and will further broaden our horizons.

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Networking, a Critical Tool for Survival

From the dawn of recorded history networking has been a critical tool for survival, growth, and prosperity. Even the archetypal mad inventors slaving away in their lonely cave or tower was surrounded by books… in reality, they were also in contact with other great minds working in related or parallel fields from whom ideas, methodologies and discoveries to test and build on were exchanged.

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Why do YOU Attend Networking Events?

David has been running his  business for over four years now.  He left corporate world when he had the chance of  a redundancy package and  grabbed it with open arms, deciding  that working for himself was a much better option.  

It has been quote a journey! The first year David was very busy.  He had plenty to  learn as he set up his home office and was responsible for every day to day administrative task.

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